Coaching on stage for children and youth

Coaching on stage for children and youth

An innovative and tailored-made program for children and youth  (starting with 5 years old)  facing challenges/difficulties at school and/or at home.  Combining psychological expertise and didactic skills and experience with drama (play), the program aims at facilitating progress in a pleasant, engaging, supervised though challenging way.

For example, is your child unhandy in social relationships and/or would like to me more assertive, is he/she dealing with anxiety and fears, or with a lack of confidence, is he/she too much withdrawn or,  on the contrary, demanding too much attention, then this coaching form might help your child overcome these problems and attain a new milestone in his/her development. Your child will not feel scrutinized by a ‘doctor’ although his/her progress would be monitored in a professional way.

Aren’t you sure if this program might help you? Are you facing other difficulties here not mentioned?  Just contact us. Anyhow, prior to the enrolment, an assessment of the development and the conditions presented by your child will take place. If the program may not be suitable for your child, then we may offer you an alternative program or he/she may be referred.

We are aiming at working per age  (and language) groups, with 5-8 participants maximum. Normally, the program takes 15 hours, spread over 12-14 weeks.

The same applies for youth.


Costs: a complete program of 15 hours costs 450 euro/participant. The program includes 10 hours of group training, 1,5 hours intake, 2 hours of individual sessions and 1,5 hours of evaluation sessions and final advice). Additional individual sessions cost 50 Euros/ session (for the first three additional sessions, following the coaching program). After that a normal tariff of 90 Euros may apply.

In cases in which only an intake takes place, a tariff of 100 Euros will apply. You will receive in this case anyhow the results of the intake and eventually a short advice.

Enrolment in a program is possible only after intake and payment of the full programme.


Confidentiality: We aim at offering you a secure environment with a maximum of privacy even when working in groups. In all cases, the information disclosed in individual sessions will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Would like to enrol? Just send us an e-mail with your details and we will contact you back as soon as possible!