quality, privacy, out-of-the-box

My name is Cristina Vellinga and I am the founder of CONTRAPPUNTO. I have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the domain of psychology, pedagogy, philology, drama and scientific research. Being analytic and creative at the same time, I like combining skills into multilingual and out-of-the box, highly qualitative and specialised services for institutions and/or individuals.

The philosophy behind the name CONTRAPPUNTO refers to seeking progress by listening to and integrating in harmony the different needs and perspectives present in the process of evaluating, transforming and creating our lives and our environments.

My services could be categorized into two domains: psychological expertise and (cross-cultural) communication. However, due to the combination of skills, hybrid domains may arise. In order to be able to offer you these services, I collaborate occasionally, on a project basis, with qualified and trustworthy colleagues in the several fields.

Services could be offered in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Romanian.

More details about my scientic activities: