Expat coaching services for employers

Increase your ROI when employing expats!

For a smoother (cultural) adaptation of expats at their destination

At CONTRAPPUNTO we understand both the needs of the employers and of employees in an international context. With over 20 years of experience in the field of cross-cultural psychology and/or communication, we offer you tailored-made and affordable solutions in order to increase your ROI when employing expats. Services could be offered in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Romanian.

Why should you care about appropriate cultural adaptation?  After moving to the Netherlands (for e.g.), finding a home and handling all the paper work, in short after the relocation process, the real work starts. The first months may feel like a holiday, but life in another country may not turn happy-go-lucky. The process of migration is complex and involves different parties, with different needs. Besides the well known ‘cultural shock’ phenomenon, a whole range of common life issues may accumulate and ask for specific assistance. For example, different working attitudes and habits at the workplace, misunderstandings due to communication problems and expectations. But also, family life issues like raising a child in a different cultural and educational system, finding suitable work for partners, worries about the wellbeing of the family left behind, health (related) problems or financial difficulties etc.

In order to make the process of adjustment smother (and therefore avoiding the development of mental health problems), we have crafted a range of services suitable to the needs of both parties involved.

What to expect?


Specific services:

Welcome package

A basic package consisting of 4-6 hours of counselling/employee (private sessions with the employee only) and a short advice for the employer. The sessions will take place on  a regular basis, starting within the 1st month at work, up to the 8th month. The focus of this form of counselling is a primary guidance through the adjustment process of social integration, a place to discuss worries, misunderstandings in a free way and with no consequences.


Loyalty pass

As an employer, you can  buy 10 sessions in advance (valid for one year) at a fair price, suitable to a different range of issues. The loyalty pass  can be used for different employers. Each session takes 60 min.

This package is perfectly suitable for the follow-up of different employees, having a preventive goal. But it can also be used for any other type of short-term interventions, like pre-mediation for example.


Team building package

Teams function better when team players know what to expect from each other, know how to communicate with each other and get to know each other better. However, in international teams this goal can be challenging. We can assist you in this process by combining a fine and thorough analysis of your team with game and play. Your team will learn and have fun in the same time! All programmes are tailored made based on an initial interview with the management, and if necessary with the team.

small teams: 2-10 people. Duration: 4-5 hours + initial interview (1 hour) + short advice to the management.

large teams up to 25 people. Duration: 1 day + initial interview (1 hour) + short advice to the management.

larger teams also possible.

PRICES: are fair and our offers are always fitting within your budget.