Second opinion


We offer second opinion consultancy concerning assessments and diagnostics of (complex) psychological issues. We have expertise in particular in the domain of  developmental problems, learning problems, ethnographic problem definition (cultural sensitive assessments and/or diagnostics), work related health and welfare issues (including knowledge migrants c.q. expats) and forensic aspects.



In our approach we aim for offering you new, culturally and scientifically informed insights. Therefore, our approach is tailored to your specific question(s). We start with an analysis of your question(s) (1 hour), followed by (optionally) an extensive intake and/or analysis of previous information and/or additional assessments, followed by an advice.

Depending of the nature of your question, we may collaborate with several experts (clinical psychology, psychiatry, legal departments, research centres etc.).



individuals, companies, schools, public administration services, government, lawyers;



For contacting us with a short description of your problem (by phone or by mail; max. 20-30 min.) we do not charge you any rate. Mails will be answered within 48 hours. For urgent cases, please, contact us by phone or leave a voice mail.

In case your question falls indeed in our expertise domain, we may proceed to a preliminary analysis. For the first hour we will  charge you a minimum rate of  € 50 (Euros). A preliminary analysis usually takes 1-2 hours.

After that, depending of the nature of your question and the strategy plan presented, we may agree on a regular (5-10 hours), extensive (10-20 hours) or a very extensive (20-40 hours) approach. These packages have a fixed, friendly price. Just ask for an offer! For questions that would require more than 40 hours of consultancy, we may agree on special prices.

In case, you would like a consult based on an hourly rate,  the tariff per hour is  € 125 (Euros) .